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About Us

My name is Kathy Ford. I have been around trucks my whole life, (or as far back as I can remember). I earned my license in 2000 and started driving as an over-the-road driver, then moving to city work after a few years. My passion has always been about safety and doing it right. I firmly believe and am thoroughly committed to helping others do the same.


I have worked in the Safety and Compliance departments of a few companies for the past 2 years and felt that I could do more to help, so I started my own consulting business to do just that.

So far, it has paid off because I have had drivers thank me for teaching them things they did not know before, even if for a re-road test because of poor driving habits. I have found that my past experiences combined with education have given me the tools necessary to allow drivers to get home to what really matters. I have tutored and mentored people from all corners of the earth at Mohawk College, and use those experiences to reach others.

I am here to help and as committed to getting things right as you are. Drop me a line and we can discuss this further.


Certified Driver Trainer through NATMI

Certified JHSC member

Occupational Health & Safety Management Certificate through Mohawk College

Human Resources Management through Mohawk College

Licensed AZ driver since 2000

General Business Diploma

Certified Fall Arrest/MEWP Trainer

St John’s Ambulance First Aid/CPR and AED Certified

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