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We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have all the tools necessary to be compliant and are equipped with the best knowledge available in driver recruiting and retention strategies. The support does not end when you meet these requirements, we will ensure you are notified of any changes that come after our initial work is completed.

Reviewing Paperworks



Rules and regulations are changing and updating all the time and keeping on top of them all to ensure you remain compliant is a daunting task. We take that worry from you because we specialize in just that, adapting and updating the minute these change.

ELD’s and HOS Compliance

With the newly mandated ELD compliance, whereby every company is required to have them in their trucks by the beginning of this year, we can help you adjust to their use and the policies required surrounding them.


Keeping on top of and properly documenting HOS violations can be very time consuming. We work with a monitoring company that notifies of violations as they happen and ensure that all necessary steps are taken.



Monitoring a drivers Hours Of Service is a time consuming activity. Looking for and documenting any violations, any misuse of both personal conveyance and yard moves and adverse weather conditions can be tricky if not properly trained. We can also identify when a driver is tampering with their ELD as we have seen what that looks like from a monitoring stand point. 

When a driver is identified as having an HOS violation, we can provide the training the driver may need in the specific area, thus saving time on a full training course when all that is required is some ‘tweaking’ in the area violated.

Access to 24/7 support for drivers while on the road through a corroborating company.

Driver support

Judge Gavel

Ministry of Labour Health & Safety

As a certified Joint Health & Safety Committee member, can set up a committee, can facilitate monthly meetings, can conduct monthly facility inspections. 


The legislation regarding health in safety changes regularly and it is the duty of companies to ensure they are doing all things reasonable to ensure the health and safety of its workers. This includes ensuring the required policies are in place and communicated to staff, and that all safety board postings are in place. We can provide all the necessary information or update what is currently in place to ensure you meet those standards. 

Accident Reporting 

The MOL and WSIB have mandated certain requirements in the event of accident or illness in the workplace and navigating this can be confusing. We have the experience to walk you through all the requirements both after and with the yearly reporting requirements.

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Pre- and Post- Trip Inspections

There is a lot to remember when conducting a pre or post-trip inspection. Drivers sometimes forget or simply just did not know. We can provide an in-class/practical instruction course which can focus on weak areas. This is a good course to meet disciplinary requirements when a driver has incurred an infraction during an inspection which satisfies both MOT/DOT requirements as well as insurance.

Driver Meetings

Driver meetings are an important part of keeping them in the know of changes that are happening with rules and regulations, with any changes within the company and act as a refresher for things already known but maybe forgotten, (such as winter driving defensive driving techniques).


Fall Arrest and MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)

As a certified trainer for fall arrest and MEWP, we can come to your location and train on-site.

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